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Welcome Aloha

Welcome to the world of Aloha! A world which is not just a venue that will offer you your lifetime dining experience but a world that will take you on the cloud nine! Truly, we are not just a place that only showcases the best seafood, the finest steaks, and all the regional specialties. We put up special dance and musical events by some of the best performers who create a perfect ambience for evenings that you will simply hate to forget! Come and join the extravaganza that will lift you spirits up!

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Our Staff



Our manager, is the one who is at the helm of things that have made us
one of the best beach bars and restaurants in the Caribbean. He knows what
your soul wants, and the intensity of things that will JUST be right to tickle
your instincts, and that has made all the difference!


Beach boy

If you are looking for the most efficient beach boys that will make your moments lively, come to us. We are home to some of the best and the most efficient beach boys who serve you the right kind of food and drinks of your choice at the right nick of time.


Bartenders are the mainstays of a bar! We know that and that is why we have the most efficient and experienced bar tenders who would serve just the right drink or cocktail in a jiffy and in a perfect way!


You would simply love to be served foods by our waitresses who will make the dishes a thousand times tastier with their way of serving. Their professional way of serving food with tinge of smile will simply make your day!


Our chefs hold the key in our success and repute that we enjoy! They have years of experience under their belt, when it comes to preparing the most exquisite local as well as ‘not-so-local’ dishes that will be a treat to your taste buds.